The reason why we offer a “management in outsourcing” to companies operating in the healthcare industry comes from the analysis of the domestic and foreign economic situation, which shows a clear evolution of both the markets and the rules revolving around the healthcare sector.

The high level of innovation demanded, the increasing labour and production costs, as well as the decreasing operating margins require the choice of flexible procedures and specific competences.

In this scenario, Practice & Solutions’s aim is to offer Companies innovative and effective solutions for management and development in order to meet successfully the challenging needs of today’s market.

Practice & Solution has its seat in the Republic of San Marino and it brings together professionals who have gained a solid experience in the healthcare industry.

Thanks to 25 years of successful partnerships with important pharmaceutical companies, universities, scientific societies of doctors and pharmacists and the stakeholders in the healthcare sector, Practice & Solutions is able to offer services that combine experience, competence and innovation. The results are a high added value and a strong leadership, together with the increasing benefits for Customers and Organizations.

The aim of Practice & Solutions today is to provide an array of important services for Companies operating in the healthcare and welfare sector, addressing the steady evolution of health systems and the needs of Companies and of their customers in a targeted manner, thus guaranteeing high standards of innovation, quality and optimization.

Our company is committed to creating Value and Success for our Customers, as well as becoming a point of reference for management in outsourcing services in the healthcare industry. 


Our Vision is to create value for our Customers, encouraging development, innovation and sustainability, as well as contributing to their success through the promotion and presentation of the value proposition of the product portfolio at all levels, thus supporting the achievement of commercial objectives thanks to innovative solutions.  

Our core purpose is to develop the best practices and skills in the Healthcare market, rationalizing and promoting competences and teamwork to create customized and targeted solutions according to our customers’ needs. 


Thanks to our structure, we can offer our Customers the best solutions to seize all the potential opportunities of development.