Having the best strategy and the best offer is not enough “to sell”, especially in today’s economic context, which is strongly limited in its development by the high level of competitiveness and the lack of resources. In order “to sell” it is necessary to rethink the entire sales system, by introducing a new management approach to deal with customers and optimizing the sales-force. The commercial organization of a company becomes a key factor to assure its success. In a highly competitive environment, the effective presentation of the value proposition is crucial and the ability to develop successfully the human resources in charge of the sales represents one of the main objectives of Practice & Solutions. 


- Field activities Planning and Organization                                                                              
- Commercial Network Organization and Management
- Performance analysis
- Commercial messages management
- Sales representatives Training and Development “off an& on the job”
- Sales/Distribution support
- Promotional Activities support
- Congresses and Events management “pre & post” 
- Professionals recruiting