Marketing & Access

The spending review that is taking place in the Healthcare sector requires to make cautious and objective choices, giving priority to health needs at the same time. Therefore, it is essential to use solid, rational and evidence-based tools.  The access of new drugs and MD to the market is more and more complicated, making it necessary to find clear rules and shared systems for all the Stakeholders. An example could be the structured use of HTA, which may represent an objective solution to health needs, but also for the sustainability of the healthcare system, preserving its effectiveness.
The Access manager deals with the many different ways to enter the Life Science market, in line with its complexity, by implementing customized strategies to match different customers’ needs (Clinical/Payer).  Market access requires strong business and organization skills as well as the ability to deal with human relationships and a dynamic and flexible mind-set. This is the most challenging area of the healthcare industry. From opportunities of partnerships with several stakeholders to the dialogue with the Institutions, our ultimate aim is to prove the therapeutic, economical and social value of products and to take care of patients’ health. Thanks to its well-established experience in this strategic and complex area, Practice & Solutions can support effectively Companies willing to develop this activity. 


- Strategic Account Analysis
- Contracts: Supplies Management for
-  Hospitals and Clinics
- Commercial policy
- New markets and new customers identifying
- Partnership and syneries development
- Network account management